LEMIS IBR, a joint project between the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement (LCLE) and the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association (LSA), provides FREE OF COST software and support to all Louisiana law enforcement agencies. No software license is required and there is no database software to purchase. LEMIS is built to operate on modern Windows-based computer operating systems.


LEMIS IBR is developed and supported by state and federal funding and is provided to all Louisiana law enforcement agencies. Technical support is available during normal business hours. LCLE and LSA continually upgrade LEMIS IBR with new functionality requested by user agencies that adapt to evolving state and federal requirements.


  • Complete Records Management System
  • Tracks complaints, incidents, warrants, citations, tickets & property
  • Simplified internet installation and updates
  • Automates reporting for LIBRS & LUCR/SRS
  • Free for all Louisiana Law Enforcement Agencies (including Universities)
  • Equipped with a CAD system
  • LOCKDOWN Jail Management component


LEMIS IBR provides easy integration with submitting data directly to LIBRS


  • Ability for LEMIS IBR users to select NIBRS code in offences where the LRS code relates to multiple NIBRS offense codes. This gives the agency greater control over how the data is reported in statistical analysis.
  • Ability for LEMIS IBR users to generate the following LUCR summary reports from within IBR:  ASRA, ASRJ, Return A, Supplement to Return A, Supplementary Homicide, LEOKA, Quarterly Hate Crime, Monthly Arson Offense, and Human Trafficking. The generation of the LUCR reports uses the LIBRS validations allowing only validated incident data into the reports. Incidents not included in counts will display on second page of each report. This will aid LEMIS agencies transitioning from LUCR to LIBRS.
  • Ability for LEMIS IBR users reporting into UCR online to generate an XML file that can be imported into UCR online. This saves time and data entry errors for agencies.


Below is the change log for Lemis IBR. Agencies may not have received each version updates (some updates are internal to LCLE for testing purposes only), but all Agencies should have the latest update. If your agency does not have the latest version, please contact LCLE to receive the latest update.
Version Changes (Database Upgrade Required)
  • Major revisions to Lemis IBR to include support for new NCSX Deliverables:
    • Added EULA that explains the Data Collection scope and practices in Lemis IBR.
      • EULA must be accepted by the Lemis IBR Administrator within one month of receiving this update before functionality stops.
      • If that date is exceeded Users will be unable to login until the Administrator accepts the EULA.
    • Changes to the LIBRS Submission Form.
      • There is now an interface that will show Agency Administrators their past LIBRS Submissions, as well as details about the submission (How many Incidents, etc…).
      • Files no longer automatically save to the Desktop when being generated. Users can elect to download them through this interface, but nothing is stored on the client machine anymore.
    • Added direct FTP Upload from the LIBRS Submission Form.
      • On the LIBRS Submission Form there is now a button for “FTP Submission”. This will open a new window where the User can enter in their FTP Credentials and automatically upload the LIBRS Flat File to the FTP Server without having to download the file, manually log in through the web interface, and upload the files.
    • Added support for Automatic Updates.
      • Lemis IBR will now be able to be updated automatically through a deployment tool installed on Agency Servers.
      • Users will be notified to exit Lemis IBR about 5 minutes before the upgrade begins, at which point Lemis IBR will lose contact with the database and Users will be unable to use the program.
      • Users will be notified once an Upgrade has been performed that they should close Lemis and re-open it to receive the update.
    • Added in a Quality Assurance File that will be included in LIBRS Submissions.
      • This file is intended to give LCLE a better look at how your Agency is using Lemis IBR for State Reporting. It collects data about the number of Incidents and Arrests your agency has in Lemis IBR that both were and were not submitted to LIBRS.
    • A new Automated Submission Tool will be deployed to all Lemis Sites that will generate and submit LIBRS Data.
      • This is to be used by LCLE to determine candidates for LIBRS Submission Certification. This data will not be published without consent from the Agency.
    • Many changes to internal operations, like Database Upgrades, for smoother, faster, and more reliable operation.
Version Changes (Database Upgrade Required)
  • Addition of LRS 14.130.1 to LRS Code Table
  • Description Update of LRS 14.130.1/A, B, F, I, T, X, and Y
Version Changes (Database Upgrade Required):
  • Made updates to the LRS Code Table for LRS 14:202 to submit as a 26A Offense rather than a 90Z.
  • Criminal Mischief and Animal Cruelty LRS Code Updates.
Version Changes (Requires Database Upgrade):
  • Major changes to CAD Module:
    • A new menu item allows for the Administrator to set defaults for the “How Received”, “How Handled”, and “Location Code” fields. By default they are “Phone”, “Officer Dispatched”, and blank accordingly, but can be changed to anything that is present in those Combo Boxes.
    • “Location Dispatched” is filled out with Address 1 (+ Address 2 if filled out), City, and Zip Code based on what is present on the Dispatch tab in CAD.
    • “Complaint Description” has the comments from the Calls Tab and Dispatch Tab in CAD added to the bottom of it.
      • Once the generated complaint has been saved, updates to those fields will not reflect in the Complaint anymore. Any updates that are made to those fields in CAD before the Complaint is saved will be reflected, however.
    • The caller is added as a person in IBR, and added to the “Individuals” list as “Caller”.
      • A search is performed to find a match on “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Phone Number”.
        • If a match is not found, a person is added by a User ID called “auto_cad”, which is visible in the search. Additionally a comment in the “Comments” fields of this person that states “Record Autogenerated by CAD” to further note this point to users.
        • If a match is found, that existing person record is used as the caller – no new record is created.
        • If a match is found but the person record has been expired (IE An update has been made to them and it no longer is the most recent record for the person), it assumes that this is a new person and creates it as such.
  • Fixes to the Offense Button from Version 52. The validation is now on the correct button.
  • Added an Administrative Email Field in the database
  • Added email support to email the addresses in the new database field
  • Added a menu option called “Email Notifications” in the Administrator Menu to be used to update email which email addresses should receive email notifications.
    • NOTE: You will not receive emails until you add an email address into this field.
  • Added Email Notification for when CAD creates a new person, telling the administrators to go check if it should stick around.
Version Changes:
  • Warrant Solved/Arrest Date can no longer be later than today or before the Issue Date
  • Offense Date and Time on Warrant can no longer be later than today.
Version Changes (Requires Database Upgrade):
  • Fixed stored procedure that was causing LIBRS Flat Files to put the same DOB for each arrestee.
  • Fixed bug where Date of Disposition/Date of Arrest on the Arrest Form were changing to what the other one was.
  • Added validation on Save/Update to check the Incident Dates and sanity check them (Report Date was not included, only checks to and from).
Version Changes
  • Fixed sorting of warrant list removing the coloring added for active warrants.
Version Changes
  • Added the following statuses to appear in red on the Warrant Module, indicating and active warrant (based on St. Helena SO feedback):
    • Warrant
    • Fugitive
    • Failure to Appear
Version Changes
  • Lockdown Billing revisions to do the following:
    • Added a year picker to the billing page. When changed it automatically calculates the totals for that year/billing agency combination.
    • Added validation to the inmate billing Start and End Date Pickers. You now cannot use a date in the future.
    • Changed the “Generate Billing Amount” to “Generate Monthly Billing Report”. This button now lets you generate a billing report for the selected billing agency going back further than 12 months. Includes validation to not generate reports for future or the current month.
Version Changes (Requires Database Upgrade)
  • Summer 2019 LIBRS Reportable LRS Code Update.
  • Updated Stored Procedure that populates combo boxes to properly utilize the expiration dates.
Version Changes
  • Warrants that are listed as the following status appear in red to indicate they are active (If an Agency does not use one of these statuses the indicator will not fire):
    • ACTIVE
Version Changes (Requires Database Upgrade):
  • The following changes were made to the Court Docket Report:
    • Fixed stored procedure for Court Docket Report so it now does not display already paid citations when the “Exclude Paid” checkbox is selected.
    • Citations are grouped together so it’s not a full line of repetitive information isn’t printed with each payment.
    • “Total Paid” and “Fines and Fees” were added to the report to denote how much is owed and how much has been paid towards the balance.
  • A Code Signing Certificate was added to IBR. It should now display “Technology Engineers Inc” as the publisher when installing.
Version Changes (Requires Database Upgrade):
  • Added the “Complaint Details” Form, which shows the created by and last updated by information for all relevant aspects of a complaint (Complaint, Incident, Offense, and Supplemental).
  • Added functionality to the Arrest form to prevent arrests from being recorded at future dates and times.
Version Changes (Requires Database Upgrade):
  • Updated Juvenile/Adult warnings based on Violent or Nonviolent LRS Codes (This will update automatically to be Adults are 17 and older, and Juveniles are 16 and younger – regardless of crime – in 2020)
  • Added Database upgrade script to fix LRS Errors for LRS 14.62.8
Version Changes (Requires Database Upgrade):
  • Resolved bug that allowed supplemental report dates to be before the date of the incident they reflect.
  • Added Date Pickers to the date fields on the Arrest by Officer/Relationship Report.
  • Changed default colors of Complaint Summary so they aren’t effected by Windows Themes (nothing to test on this).
  • Fixed Stored Procedure that was causing the “Reviewed By” field on the Supplemental Tab of Complaints to read as the officer that submitted the supplemental.
  • CAD Module Permissions now actually do things.
  • Added logic to prevent users from adding an LRS Code longer than 12 digits.
Version Changes:
  • Resolved bug where nothing was populated in the following reports:
    • Incident Log by Offense
    • Incident Log by Report Date
Version Changes:
  • Clearance Type and Date have been added to the Incident Summary Report.
  • Fixed bug where LIBRS would still process when hitting cancel on the file selection window.
  • Fixed bug where if Final Submission was checked on LIBRS Bulk Process and “Cancel” was hit it would throw and error and be unable to process LIBRS until the application was restarted.
  • Added notification to batch processing of LIBRS for how many incidents are about to be processed.
  • Added Progress Bar to bulk LIBRS processing.
  • Added Menu Item Reports > Batch Notice Reports > Download Batch Notice Templates where users can download templates from CrimeinLA.org