What Changed In LIBRS 2.5?

LIBRS 2.5 will be Louisiana’s response/solution/approach to the “National Crime Statistics Exchange (NCS-X)” and increasing agency participation/reporting to NIBRS.

In LIBRS 2.5, participating agencies will now assign both the LRS and the NIBRS code for all offenses and arrests.

  • Greater Control – By changing to this new data specification, submitting agencies will now have total control over what crime category each offense or arrest assigned to.
  • Simplified Process – The changes will simplify agency review of crime statistics of submitted data because the NIBRS codes will be easily viewed on an incident-by-incident basis in each data submission file.
  • New Data Elements – New data elements will be added to Victim information that will allow Louisiana to begin completely and correctly submitting LEOKA (Law Enforcement Officer Killed or Assaulted) data to NIBRS.
  • Build on Existing Systems – These changes expand upon the time-proven and NIBRS-certified WinLIBRS system and LIBRS Data Specifications 2.0/2.1 and will be detailed in the upcoming LIBRS 2.5 Guidelines and Specifications Manual.

2.5 Specification Documents

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