Louisiana Agency Crime Data

Each Louisiana law enforcement agency acquires crime data that needs to be collected and eventually submitted to the FBI.  Depending on the size and resources of the agency, several options are available for storing and submitting the data.


There are many Records Management Systems (RMS) available for law enforcement agencies, each with slightly different specifications and services. Some of them include New World, HTE, Zuercher Tech and ARMMS.


LEMIS IBR is a RMS that is provided free to all Louisiana agencies. This software is LIBRS compliant and keeps track of criminal justice information, including complaints, incidents, warrants, citations, tickets, and property.


Louisiana Uniform Crime Reporting (LUCR) is summarized crime data. UCR Online is a system designed to allow a quick and easy method for Louisiana agencies to submit Summary UCR reports (SRS) to the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement for validation and electronic submission to the FBI.


The Louisiana Incident-Based Reporting System (LIBRS) collects and validates detailed criminal incident data from law enforcement agencies in the Louisiana standardized format. The data is collected at each site and sent via web portal to the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association data center. It is then stored in a central state database, converted to NIBRS and electronically submitted to the FBI.


The National Incident-Based Reporting System, or NIBRS, provides detailed data on each crime incident in a nationally standardized format.

Data Submission to FBI

Either through LUCR/SRS or LIBRS (converted to NIBRS), the FBI will receive the Louisiana agency’s required crime data. Currently, these are the only 2 formats available for FBI submission. The agency may choose whichever method is best for their organization and infrastructure. Louisiana routinely achieves greater than 96% accuracy on first-time submissions of data gathered using LEMIS-IBR and LIBRS.