Data items that MUST BE REPORTED FOR EVERY INCIDENT sent to the Louisiana Incident-Based Reporting System (LIBRS), the National Incident-Based Crime Reporting System (NIBRS) and the Uniform Crime Reporting System (UCR).

In addition to this online reference guide, this document is available for download here.

For incidents that are Cleared Exceptionally (see Incident Tab), at least one Suspect must have known values for Age at Time of Incident, Sex of Suspect and Race of Suspect.

Age at Time of Incident
The Suspects age is calculated by the system when Date of Birth is entered; however, the calculated age can be overwritten.

If the Suspect’s Date of Birth is not known, then Age at Time of Incident must have one of the following values:
01 to 98 Years Old, reflecting the Suspects actual Age at the Time Incident
99 Years Old for Suspects 99 years old and older
00 if the Suspects age is not known.

Estimated ages must have a trailing E after the Age at Time of Incident, for example 58E.

Cannot estimate Age at Time of Incident if the Suspect’s age is Unknown (00), or if the Suspect’s Date of Birth is entered.

If the Victim-Suspect Relationship (see below) is Spouse, then Suspect’s Age at Time of Incident must be at least 10.

Sex of Suspect Must be entered using one of the following values:
M  –  Male
F  –  Female
U  –  Unknown

Race of Suspect Must be entered using one of the following values:
W  –  White
B  –  Black
I  –  American Indian/Alaskan Native
A  –  Asian/Pacific Islander
U  –  Unknown

Arrestee Name , Local Booking #, Arrest Date , Type of Arrest , Multiple Arrestee Indicator , Offense in Arrestee Statute Section and Arrestee Armed With must always be entered.

Disposition of Arrestee Under 17
ust be entered for Suspects under the age of 17.

Disposition of Arrestee Under 17
annot be entered for Suspects 17 year old or older.

Local Booking Number
Must be left-justified. Valid characters are A-Z, 0-9 and hyphens. Cannot have embedded blanks.

Type of Arrest Valid values are:
On-View Arrest  –  Taken into custody without a warrant or previous incident report
Summoned/Cited  –  Not Taken into custody
Taken into Custody  –  Based on warrant or previously submitted incident report.

Multiple Arrestee Indicator Valid values are:
M  –  Multiple
C  –  Count Arrestee
N  –  Not Applicable.

Arrestee Armed With
Must select (check) at least value. If Arrestee was not armed, select 01- UnArmed.

Arrest Transaction #
Must be present if fingerprints are submitted to the Bureau of Identification of the Louisiana State Police.

Arrest Transaction #
Is fifteen characters long with the following format:

CharacterData Source
1, 2, 3, 44th, 5th,6th and 7th characters of the ORI Number of the Agency making the arrest, or where the scan device is housed.
5Live Scan Device Number assigned to the device being used to generate the Arrestee’s fingerprints
6, 7Year the Arrestee’s fingerprints are being scanned into the device
8,9,10,11,12Arrest Sequence Number (generated by the LEMIS-IBR system) for this arrest event.
13, 14, 15Number of charges assigned to this Arrestee at the time these fingerprints are being scanned. For example, if an Arrestee is being charged with 5 counts of aggravated battery for this arrest, the number entered would be “001” through “005”.